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A Changing of the Publishing Guard?

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2017 at 11:20 AM

In the news: High-profile departures at major magazine brands has industry insiders talking about the next generation.

This month, several key editors left their posts: Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair, Nancy Gibbs of Time, Robbie Myers of Elle, and Cindi Leive, editor-in-chief of Glamour. That these departures are happening simultaneously is a coincidence, but it still has a lot of magazine pundits turning their eyes to the future.

Sydney Ember and Michael M. Grynbaum of the New York Times write: "Quietly, optimists in the business say that it may be healthy for a younger generation of editors to take the reins.... Many of the industry's rising stars are finding ways to raise revenue and gain readers on the digital side." The potential shift comes at a time when newsstand sales continue to fall and, for many publishers, subscriptions have flattened. Read more here.

Also Notable

2017 Digiday Publishing Summit

This week, Digiday hosted its annual summit in Key Biscayne, Florida. According to Digiday's website, over 400 publishers and tech companies attended. Various panel sessions highlighted a few key issues facing publishers right now: a "user-experience crisis," a "backlash to the pivot to video," and a need for publishers to band together. Read more about the summit, and about Digiday's observations during Advertising Week, here.

Vertical Video Strategy

Last week, in a sponsored piece for Foliomag.com, Todd Krizelman of MediaRadar discussed the prospects for vertical video. His commentary builds on a key finding: "MediaBrix ran an experiment which found that less than 30 percent of people turn their phone to view horizontal video ads, and when they do, they only watch 14 percent of the ad." Not surprisingly given this statistic, the number of publishers producing vertical video ads is growing (112 in the first quarter, Krizelman reports). Read the full article here.

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