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Digital Magazine Editions: Still Relevant

Posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at 11:20 PM

In the news: Digital replica editions still have a place in the magazine publishing picture.

In recent years, magazines have zeroed in on apps as a primary mode of digital content delivery. Still, digital replica editions have a place in a publication's overall circulation schema. Since 2011, the year after the iPad hit the market, digital edition circulation has been on the rise.

In a December 21 Forbes.com piece, contributor Bill Rosenblatt writes, "Although the vision for digital editions [in the early 2000s] was to be readable on a wide variety of digital devices ... the picture is quite different nowadays. Most of the original providers of digital newsstands are no longer around, and a new crop of providers has appeared that focus on mobile devices.... So, while no one was looking, penetration of digital editions has gone steadily and strikingly upward."

Read more of Rosenblatt's commentary on where digital editions fit into today's publishing world here.

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Blocking Ad Blockers?

Ad blockers are a popular add-on for Internet browsers trying to minimize exposure to unwanted pop-up ads. Some magazine brands, including GQ, are hitting back against such software, which depletes online ad revenue. Readers using ad blockers are now asked to either disable the software on the GQ.com website or pay to read content. Writes Eric Wheeler of Mediapost.com, "There couldn't be a clearer signal from users that ad experiences need to change. If we continue on this path of losing billions of dollars in potential revenue each year due to ad blockers, the next 15 years are going to look vastly different from the past 15." Read Wheeler's commentary here. For more about GQ's stand against ad blockers, click here.

Magazine Growth in 2015

New print magazine launches slowed in 2015, but, according to a recent Foliomag.com article by Greg Dool, so did closures. The food and lifestyle sector launched the most new titles, while there were only 13 new titles in the B2B category. Read more here.

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