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MPA and Digital Advertising Standards

Posted on Monday, April 29, 2013 at 11:00 AM

In the news: MPA, the Association of Magazine Media, has made progress in the quest for reliable digital magazine metrics.

Because digital circulation still constitutes a fairly small share of total circulation, digital magazine ads can be a hard sell. A dearth of reliable digital metrics only complicates things. Now, however, MPA (the Association of Magazine Media) appears to be making major progress on this front.

Last year, MPA worked with magazine publishers to develop a set of digital data reporting guidelines. Now, the association has solicited five analytics companies (including Google) to collect and present digital readership data. The availability of reliable metrics may lead advertisers to spend more on tablet editions. Read more about MPA's efforts here.

Also Notable:

Good News for Print Magazines

The first quarter numbers are in, and the news is good for print magazines. The Publishers Information Bureau reports that print editions saw a 0.5 percent ad revenue increase, marking the first increase in nearly two years. Ad pages, however, did decrease 4.8 percent from last year. Read more here.

Digital Publishing Wisdom from Forbes.com

Recently, Forbes.com ran an article entitled "Inside Forbes: How a Magazine Can Help Drive a Powerful Digital Publishing Platform." Lewis DVorkin, chief product officer of Forbes Media, discusses crucial components of a successful digital strategy. He lists eight changes that FORBES magazine has made over the last few years. Read more here.

B-to-B Marketers and Social Media

Marketing automation company Eloqua has recently released the findings of its recent social media survey. The survey reveals that 40 percent of b-to-b marketers aren't using social media marketing. T. J. Raphael, associate editor of FOLIO:, writes, "This data reinforces the notion that b-to-b marketers still need help when it comes to the social networking space..." Read more here.

Videos and Magazine Publishing Some magazine publishers have shifted their focus to producing videos. The video content, which they run on their websites and on YouTube, presents unique monetization possibilities (e.g., YouTube revenue). Read more about this move toward video here.

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