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Publishers and the US Postal Service

Posted on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 8:55 PM

In the news: With thousands of post offices closing this year, how will print magazines adapt?

With the US Postal Service in crisis, print magazine publishers are starting to explore alternate delivery options. This year, hundreds of post office locations are expected to close, and Saturday mail delivery is also on the chopping block. The USPS is also proposing an 11 percent rate hike, to 50 cents per postage stamp.

While digital is certainly on the rise, print continues to be the leading revenue stream for many publishers. But with so many post offices marked for closure and Saturday mail delivery on the chopping block, the USPS may no longer fulfill subscriber expectations. The planned increase to 50-cent stamps also raises the possibility of future magazine subscription hikes. Read more here and here.

Online Magazine Advertising Bidding

Has Casale Media stumbled upon the next great online revenue model? The media company has developed CasaleX, a platform that enables magazine publishers to auction off online advertising slots to the highest bidder. Read more about this online advertising strategy here.

Single-Copy Sales Drop

What does the 10 percent drop in single-copy magazine sales mean for the industry? A recent MediaLifeMagazine.com article discusses the possible reasons behind the drop, from an ailing economy to poor merchandising decisions. The article also contains an interview with John Harrington of Harrington Associates regarding possible strategies for bouncing back from the downturn. Read more here.

Magazines and e-Commerce

As more and more Americans switch to smartphones, the market is ripening for mobile commerce. Magazines are looking to get in the action. Does this open the door wide for conflicts of interest and ethical blunders? Read more here.

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