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Tablets vs. Print

Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 10:38 AM

In the news: A recent report finds that tablets will cut significantly into print magazine sales by 2015.

RISI has predicted a drop in end paper usage of as much as 21 percent by the year 2015. According to their recent study, print magazines, newspapers, and books will take a significant hit thanks to tablet editions in the coming years. RISI also predicts that there will be nearly 200 million tablets and e-readers in use four years from now.

It isn't just that there are already nearly 30 million iPad users, or that 10 million e-readers sold last year. A recent Morgan Stanley survey found that nearly half of all tablet owners planned to abandon their print subscriptions in favor of digital. However, some publishers are reluctant to buy into the idea of print dying; they believe it will take decades for tablet magazines to bear fruit. Read more here and here.

Also Notable

Will Magazine Apps Succeed?

Major magazine publishers like Condé Nast and Time Inc. are going all in on tablet editions. Time Inc. recently announced its plans for tablet editions of all 21 of its publications (four of which are already on tablets). Digital subscription figured are still modest; Condé Nast's digital circulation, for example, amounts to just 1.3 percent of its print circulation. "'We're all in the process of stepping out of the sandbox,'" says Recon Analytics founder Roger Entner. Read more.

Smartphone Codes

Glamour magazine is beefing up its print edition with smartphone codes that will bring readers to bonus digital content. These codes, often called QR codes, can be scanned with a smartphone. Not only are magazines using these codes to bring readers to bonus content, but also to encourage them to share that content via social networks. So QR codes can connect three vital components of a magazine brand: its print edition, digital content, and social media presence. Read more.

Magazines and Social Media Now that social media plays such a vital role in many business sectors, several publishers have seized the opportunity to become definitive voices of social media strategy. In September, GSG WorldMedia will launch four such magazines devoted to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. Read more.

American Printer Folds Print industry magazine American Printer has closed its doors, citing an inability to "achieve profitability." The magazine had been in print for 128 years. Read editor Katherine O'Brien's announcement here.

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