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Events: A New Magazine Frontier

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 6:47 PM

In the news: Events are becoming a major revenue stream for magazine brands.

In a February 2 NYTimes.com piece, "Events Are the New Magazines," Katherine Rosman sets the scene of a recent Town & Country magazine event: "The celebrities were all being tended to by Nicole Vecchiarelli and Andrea Oliveri, the founders of a company called (with insidery resonance for anyone in the magazine business) Special Projects. That has long been a euphemistic term for editors who wrangle celebrities and are cozy with publicists."

Companies like Special Projects are helping magazines to put on star-studded extravaganzas to drive ad revenue. Rosman's piece takes readers behind the scenes of several events and through Vechiarelli and Oliveri's backgrounds as editors at various magazines. Read the full article here.

Also Notable

Developing Branded Video Content

Some magazine publishers have opened custom content studios to develop branded video content for advertisers. Katy Ibsen of Foliomag.com writes, "Collectively these custom content studios, built by legacy print publishers, are taking a holistic, multi-platform approach to branded content and native storytelling by identifying an advertiser's goals and applying a creative lens.... Trends in branded video range from leveraging social media influencers to incorporating augmented reality." Read more about several publishers' branded video content here.

2019 AMMC Notes

On Forbes.com, Tony Silber recaps MPA's recent AMMC event. Given short shrift was the sometimes contentious subject of social media. Instead of focusing on the challenges of contending with Google and Facebook, panels generally focused on lighter fare -- e.g., Instagram strategy and social media engagement. Read more here.

Trimming Editorial Budgets with Technology

In a recent Digiday.com article, Mark Weiss discusses the various technologies publishers are using to control editorial costs. Among those cost-saving options, he writes, are artificial intelligence and content curation vendors. Read more here. (Note: The full article is available to Digiday.com subscribers only.)

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