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Time Inc. Restructuring

Posted on Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 10:58 AM

In the news: Time restructures editorial and sales to emphasize digital.

Earlier this month, Time Inc. underwent restructuring to bring digital publishing to its forefront. On the editorial side, Fortune editor Alan Murray is now the chief content officer. According to Media Life magazine, "The aim is to make the management structure more efficient and help advertisers buy not just across media but across brands as well. The company will emphasize cross-magazine buys as well as cross-media ones."

Magazine titles have split into four divisions, each headed up by an editorial director: news; celebrity, entertainment, and style; lifestyle; and sports. Read more here and here.

Also Notable

Increased Emphasis on Digital at Meredith Corp.

Time Inc. isn't the only magazine giant focusing more on digital. Elsewhere, Meredith is ramping up its video content efforts, with a new studio opening in Seattle for production of live streaming content. The company has attracted several streaming video ad sponsors thanks to its successful experimentation with Facebook Live video. Read more here.

Print Readership Up at Meredith Corp.

Although Meredith is diversifying its content delivery with the aforementioned live video plans, its print performance to date in 2016 has been robust. Writes Ellen Cools of Foliomag.com: "Even in a year of industry concern over print revenues, the publisher boosted its magazine readership to a record 127 million.... Print advertising increased 3 percent and circulation revenues increased 5 percent to $329 million." Overall revenue was up 3 percent over last year. Read more here.

Dance Ink: A Case Study in Modern Print Magazine Design

Recently, a popular dance magazine from the 1990s, Dance Ink, relaunched with a new print edition. The magazine is edited and designed by Abbott Miller, who was tasked with creating, in his own words, "performance in print." According to Gia Kourlas of NYTimes.com, the magazine is a larger format (10 by 14) and has a plastic cover. Read more about the relaunch and redesign here and here.

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