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Hearst Planning Print Title Launch?

Posted on Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 2:44 PM

In the news: Hearst is expected to launch a new print magazine in the new year.

Earlier this month, the New York Post reported that Hearst had plans to a new print magazine this year. Writes Keith J. Kelly, "The company will use the joint venture formula that it employed to produce O, the Oprah Magazine and, more recently, the Food Network Magazine and Dr. Oz the Good Life." Company president David Carey reports that 2015 was a good year for the publishing giant. Read more here.

Also Notable

Changing Magazine Job Roles

As magazine publishers continue to adapt, some job titles have gone by the wayside while others are emerging. In a January 8 Foliomag.com piece, Greg Dool discusses changing magazine job roles with executives from several publishers. The skill set for editorial in particular is changing, with hiring managers looking for a mix of editorial, coding, and design experience. Bob Cohn of The Atlantic dubs these multimedia editors "interdisciplinary journalists." On the flip side, Lewis DVorkin of Forbes Media opines that the role of the general assignment reporter has become obsolete. Read more here.

Content Marketing Strategy

How does a magazine maximize its reach when it's hit the point of saturation in the marketplace? This week, Mark Cripps of The Economist discussed his magazine's strategy when faced with just this circumstance. "We knew the younger demographic we wanted to attract were getting their news online," he writes. Picking up The Economist from the newsstand wasn't, and isn't, intuitive behaviour for them.... Instead of encouraging them to do so, we decided to place the content -- which really is relevant to them -- where they consume the news." Read more here.

Cover Finalists for 2016 ASME Awards

ASME has chosen the finalists for its annual magazine cover awards. The winners will be announced next week, on February 2. Find out who the finalists are here.

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