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Print Magazines: Still Alive and Kicking?

Posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at 4:09 PM

In the news: A recent Columbia Journalism Review piece proposes that print is the "new media."

Despite all the doom and gloom surrounding print (some of it warranted given circulation and newsstand statistics from the past few years), it is finding ways to survive in the digital age. In fact, Chava Gourarie of the Columbia Journalism Review suggests that print is in a comeback phase. Writes Gourarie, "It seems print and digital can co-exist after all. The new won't replace the old. The new will hammer the old, deform it, reform it, reconceive, reconfigure, but the old won't disappear."

Well-known magazine industry veteran Samir Husni, aka Mr. Magazine, agrees. He calculates that 204 print magazines launched this year, including several websites that have introduced print editions. Read more here.

Also Notable

Digital Replica Editions

Although digital magazine has shifted in focus toward apps in recent years, digital replica editions are still what Bill Rosenblatt of Forbes.com calls "the Little Engine That Could" of the digital publishing industry. In a December 21 article, he projects that by the end of the year, circulation of consumer digital editions will surpass 17 million. Read more of his analysis here.

FTC Guidelines for Native Ads

Publishers continue to tap into native advertising to boost revenue. The FTC recently clarified its guidelines for this hybrid editorial-advertorial content. In a recent Foliomag.com article, Greg Dool summarizes content delivery labeled "deceptive" by the FTC: 1) advertorial content not clearly marked as such, 2) "the solicitation of consumers in order to sell goods or services without clearly disclosing the purpose," and 3) paid endorsements without clear disclosure statements. Read more here.

Editorial Changes at Martha Stewart Magazines

Last week, Meredith Corp. announced that it will take over editorial and operations for Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings. The new ten-year licensing contract replaces the agreement previously reached in October 2014. Read more here.

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