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Magazine Audiences on the Rise

Posted on Monday, March 30, 2015 at 11:35 AM

In the news: New numbers from MPA show audience growth for consumer magazines.

Good news for magazines: according to the latest numbers from MPA for the February 2014 through February 2015 period, total consumer magazine audience is up 12.6 percent. The market segments that saw the biggest growth were video and mobile audiences.

Which specific consumer titles have the largest audiences? According to MediaPost's roundup, ESPN the Magazine (92.8 million), People (85 million), and Better Homes and Gardens (49.1 million). Read more about the latest audience data here.

Also Notable

Print Newspapers as Luxury Goods?

Last week, The Atlantic questioned the idea of pricing print newspaper editions as luxury goods. Writes Adrienne LaFrance, "The infrastructure required to make a physical newspaper -- printing presses, delivery trucks -- isn't just expensive, it's exorbitant at a time when online-only competitors don't have the same set of financial constraints. Readers are migrating away from print anyway. And though print ad sales continue to dwarf their online and mobile counterparts, revenue from print is still declining." Tempering this bleak outlook for print editions is Jonah Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, who cautions against abandoning a print edition prematurely and alienating longtime subscribers. Instead, he suggests raising print edition prices to expedite a transition toward digital. Read more here.

Current State of Netflix Magazine Models

In a March 23 piece, PBS MediaShift interviewed executives from Readly and Magzter, two companies developing Netflix-like magazine subscription models. Unlike Next Issue, powered by the major magazine publishing houses, these enterprises are zeroing in on more niche audiences. Read the discussions here.

Millenials and Content Consumption

In a March 17 Folio: piece, Michael Rondon discusses how millenials are consuming content, citing a recent study by the Media Insight Project. According to a survey, Facebook is still a major source of information for younger adults; in fact, it is the leading source of information for many subjects, including pop culture, social issues, and local news. Perhaps most noteworthy were the study's findings regarding millenials and paid content. According to Rondon, "a majority of millenials paid for content or accessed paid content using someone else's subscription -- that willingness to pay doesn't mean they agree [with] the practice though." Still, however, younger readers tended to favor paying for print content over digital. Read more here.

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