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New Magazine Publishing Software

Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 11:36 PM

In the news: Adobe's new Digital Publishing Suite offers magazine editors new digital publishing tools.

As Brendan Klinkenberg notes in a recent Buzzfeed piece, the iPad didn't prove to be the "silver bullet" magazine executives had hoped it would. Adobe is aiming to fix some of the problems with iPad publishing with hits new Digital Publishing Suite. Writes Klinkenberg, "Adobe is...creating a publication that is a smarter halfway point between the static traditionalism of print and the ephemeral rush of the web. This means that the publications you currently subscribe to on mobile devices and download month-to-month will now update constantly instead of periodically. In other words, they'll be more like websites and less like print magazines."

The real question, however, is whether or not today's readers demand this level of content curating. Read Klinkenberg's full article here.

Also Notable

Good-bye, Replica Magazines?

Adobe isn't the only entity steering away from static print edition replicas. Recently, the Good EReader blog ran a piece entitled "Digital Publishers Turning from Replica Magazines." For a long time, the digital publishing paradigm amounted to little more than PDFing the print edition and presenting it to readers on a digital platform. But, as Mercy Pilkington notes in her article, "as mere digital copies of the print original, these versions simply weren't taking advantage of all that the technology had to offer." Pilkington credits recent advances in digital publishing -- e.g., magazine apps and embedded video -- with an "upswing in consumer response." Read the article here.

Keeping Magazines Relevant

Social media websites have presented a challenge to magazine publishers, who must curate content in a way that appeals to readers who are getting their news primarily through Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and other sites. Last week, the Wall Street Journal interviewed chief executive Joe of Time Inc. about the current state of the magazine industry. He acknowledges that people aren't reading traditional magazines as they used to, but "they aren't reading less of our content," he says. The challenge is reaching readers on the platforms they're using. Read the interview here.

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