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Indie Magazine Boom?

Posted on Monday, September 29, 2014 at 9:43 PM

In the news: Are we in a golden age of indie magazines?

Last week, Vogue surveyed indie magazine editors and publishers to highlight the recent success of indie print magazines. Digital still commands the magazine conversation, but there is a growing market for traditional print magazines, such as Kinfolk and Tiny Atlas Quarterly, that are highly designed and printed on heavy paper stock. So why are indie print magazines so hot right now?

According to Lizzie Garrett Metler in her Vogue piece, this trend toward niche print titles is a direct response to a lot of the throwaway content clogging social media feeds. "If BuzzFeed is a cup of dehydrated instant coffee consumed quickly to caffeinate on the subway," Mettler writes, "the neo-indie magazine is an expensive, labored-over cappuccino one sips slowly in the glow of good lighting." Read more here.

Also Notable

Editors vs. Video Producers

Last month, CapitalNewYork.com published a piece entitled "At Condé, Editors Clash with Video Division." The piece highlights a new sort of interdepartmental friction: editors versus video producers. Some Condé Nast editors have found themselves excluded from video production decisions, a loss of creative control that many editors find unsettling. With Condé Nast spending more and more on video content, it remains to be seen how involved its editorial staff will be in the future. Read more here.

Macworld Shutters Print Edition

After thirty years in print, Macworld has ended production of its print edition. Earlier this month, the magazine laid off many staffers and announced plans to go digital-only in the US. (However, there will still be print editions of the magazines in other countries.) Read more here.

Yahoo Hires New Magazine Editors

Earlier this month, Yahoo added new editors to its digital magazine staff -- one for its food division and another for its TV division. Like Condé Nast, Yahoo is testing the waters with video content. Read more about Yahoo's magazine initiatives and recent hires here.

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