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Internships under Scrutiny

Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 3:56 PM

In the news: Unpaid magazine internships are in the hot seat.

Magazine internships have popped up frequently in the headlines this month. Here in the US, the Harvard Crimson asks whether or not unpaid internships are a "priceless experience" and discusses some of the lifestyle challenges unpaid interns face (e.g., summer living arrangements on no pay). Meanwhile, a lawsuit leveled by two interns against publishing giant Condé Nast for below-minimum-wage pay was settled out of court earlier this month. (Condé Nast ended its internship program in October 2013, not long after this lawsuit was filed.)

Elsewhere, Canada is cracking down on unpaid internships and other unfair labor practices, citing the country's Employment Standards Act. As a result, two top Canadian magazines (Toronto Life and The Walrus) have shuttered their internship programs.

Read more about the current state of magazine internships here and here.

Also Notable

AP Style Change: State Names

A recent AP style change, which will go into effect May 1, has sparked some debate on social media. Starting this week, AP writers must spell out state names in stories, a move that promotes consistency in the treatment of state names between international and domestic stories. Datelines, however, will still use state abbreviations. For more on this style change and the text of the revised Stylebook Online entry, click here.

Crossover Magazine Content

The magazine industry is trying its hand at crossover content between sister magazines. This month, Food Network and HGTV magazines will join forces to provide coordinated content on throwing a spring party. According to NYTimes.com, there will be "coordinated front covers and three-page gatefolds, or cover foldouts; a video clip, which can be watched through YouTube or the Blippar and Digimarc Discover apps; and articles that share the idea of throwing a colorful spring party. Pure Leaf tea has partnered up with the magazines to provide advertorial content. If successful, this undertaking may pave the way for future crossovers and inspire other magazines to do the same. Read more about the crossover here.

Unsolicited Magazines

These days, a lot of people are opening their mailboxes to find magazines to which they haven't subscribed. In a recent Forbes.com piece, contributor Caroline Mayer discusses some of the aggressive tactics magazine publishers are trying to court new subscribers, including unsolicited print subscriptions. Read her analysis of the issue and tips for avoiding unwanted magazines here.

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