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Digital Magazines in 2014

Posted on Friday, January 31, 2014 at 10:56 AM

In the news: As the digital hype dies down, magazines are taking a more careful approach with their digital editions.

Here at Editors Only and in our sister newsletter, STRAT, we've talked a lot about the hype surrounding digital magazine editions. Some editors mistakenly believe that going online is the antidote to all their circulation woes, but digital continues to be just one component of a magazine's overall success.

Magazines seem to be taking more measured digital approach as 2014 gets under way. "What many publishers are now telling me is that they see their new mobile and tablet editions as part of a series of products built around their existing brands," writes D.B. Hebbard of TalkingNewMedia.com. "Tablets, they say, will not replace print -- but neither will mobile or other digital products. As a result, they are seeing their magazine titles very much the way Apple sees the iPhone or iPad, as part of an ecosystem." Read his analysis of the current digital landscape here.

Also Notable

Planning a Digital Edition

If you're considering creating a digital edition of your print magazine, you have a few options. Would your content be better served in a replica edition or in a dedicated digital magazine with social media functionality? Roy Beagley of Foliomag.com asks other important questions: "Is it going to support the print product or branch out on its own? Is it going to replace the print product? Does the editorial department have the ability to be proactive in possibly producing 'personal' content? What information can you access on your subscribers to make their digital experience worthwhile?" Read his article here.

Revenue and Audience Growth in 2013

Magazine data and statistics for 2013 have begun to circulate, and the news is good for some publishers. Despite the challenges of print and digital publishing last year, some companies were able to post record-breaking numbers. Among those is Hearst, whose recent staff memo touts record profits and revenue. Atlantic Media saw significant increases in both readership and online traffic. Read more about these successes here.

Magazine Website Mistakes

What are the three worst things you can do with your magazine website? How can you avoid losing readers before they've even begun clicking on your content? Read Adam Grim's list here on NxtBookMedia.com.

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