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The New AP Stylebook

Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 9:26 AM

What's new in the 2013 edition, released May 29, 2013.

Yesterday, the Associated Press issued the latest edition of its Stylebook, an update that coincides with the guide's sixtieth anniversary. So what can changes readers expect in the new version? Among others:

--New additions to the word lists in the fashion, food, and social media sections.
--A simplified approach to number style with hundreds of demonstrative examples.
--New standards of usage for mental illnesses and immigration terms.

The updates reflect not only changes in the popularity of certain subjects in the media, but also debates about how those subjects are covered. Last month, for instance, the AP did away with the term "illegal immigrant" and ruled that "illegal" should describe the act (i.e., "illegal immigration"), not the person.

The AP continues to draw criticism from some writers and editors for omitting the Oxford comma from simple series, as reported in a May 29, 2013 piece on TheAtlanticWire.com.

The new Stylebook print edition is priced at $16.75 for members and $20.95 for non-members. Online access is aavailable through the AP Stylebook website (www.apstylebook.com), and on tablets and mobile devices via iTunes.

To read more about the changes in the new edition, visit the following links:

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