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Are Magazines in a State of Decline?

Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 11:25 PM

In the news: According to a recent Newser.com article, magazines may be at the same crossroads as newspapers.

Magazines are flocking to the digital frontier, and we've seen some memorable covers in 2012. But is the industry still lagging? In a recent Newser.com article, Matt Cantor asks, "Are magazines beyond saving?" The deck reads, "Editorial moves may be irrelevant in fading industry: David Carr."

Cantor quotes David Carr of the New York Times, who sees magazines at the same precipice as newspapers. In his article, Carr discusses the recent merger of Newsweek and TheDailyBeast.com and readership trends that are veering toward smartphones and away from print editions. He doesn't mince words: "Magazines, all kinds of them, don't work very well in the marketplace anymore," he says, citing recent Audit Bureau of Circulations data that shows a 10 percent decline in magazine newsstand sales over the past year.

Read more here and here.

Also Notable

Plagiarism at CNN and Time

High-profile journalist Fareed Zakaria was been suspended both Time and CNN over his piece in the August 20 issue of Time. His article, an analysis of gun control, was markedly similar to an article from a recent New Yorker issue. A similar article that ran on CNN.com also contained plagiarism. Fakaria has issued a public apology for the plagiarism, calling it a "terrible mistake." Read more here.

Helen Gurley Brown

Legendary magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown died on August 13. Brown was editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan from 1965 to 1997 and international editor of the magazine until her death. Read more here.

Lessons from Huffington Magazine

Huffington, the digital magazine from the publishers of the Huffington Post, is getting ready to publish its tenth issue. What has the new magazine learned in 2012? The publishers share some of the top lessons learned: how the iPad has shut the door on the "too dark for print" woes of yore, how the app-oriented concept behind a digital magazine differs from that behind a traditional magazine, and the magazine's "commitment to a tightly drawn editorial calendar and daily work flow." Read more here.

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