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The New Magazine Landscape

Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 11:03 PM

In the news: Things are looking up for the magazine industry.

A few years ago, things seemed bleak for the magazine industry. The recession sparked enough magazine closures to inspire the startup of a "Magazine Death Pool" blog. But things are changing. In 2010 and 2011, more magazines launched than closed. According the Association of Magazine Media (as reported on Economist.com), magazines are experiencing more significant audience growth than newspapers or television.

Magazines have the advantage over newspapers, says Economist.com, because "most magazines didn't have large classified-ad sections to lose to the internet, and their material has a longer shelf life." Magazine editors continue to experiment with different formats (tablet, mobile, etc.) and are repurposing content to create multiple revenue streams. Read more here.

Also Notable

On Covers

"I often wonder why some art and editorial departments seem so reluctant to talk with their circ teams and ask them what they think about cover images and logos before they send the files off to press," writes newsstand sales and publishing consultant Joe Berger in his NewsStandPros blog. Read his thoughts on the importance of covers for single-copy sales here.

The Dangers of Google Journalism

These days, many journalists are leaning heavily on Google and even Wikipedia when researching their articles. What is this doing to the discipline of journalism? Foliomag.com's Mark Newman discusses it in a recent blog post. Read it here.

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