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"Retro" Print Editions?

Posted on Monday, September 26, 2011 at 9:22 PM

In the news: How "reverse publishing" is changing the game.

In recent years, we've seen many magazines abandon their print editions in favor of digital-only content. We've heard industry analysts herald the death of print and publishers shift their focus from print ads to social media.

But print still has a place, even for some digital-only publications. The Style.com website has announced its intention print a glossy edition every six months, and others have announced similar plans. It seems that even digital publishers, the heirs apparent to the publishing crown, are looking to diversify. Read more about the trend here.

Also Notable

Magazine App Rating System

Apps can be a vital component of a digital or print magazine, but not if they don't work properly. Last week, Stefanie Botelho of Foliomag.com discussed the new app ratings system from the McPheters & Company research firm. McPheters claims that 40 percent of apps don't work as they should. Five-star magazine apps include Allure and WIRED. One-star apps include Condé Nast Traveler and Science Illustrated (a Bonnier app). Read more.

Beware the Kindle!

More and more publishers are offering up Kindle content, but just how easy is it for publishers to get their content formatted for the device and online? Not easy enough, says Editors Only editor William Dunkerley in the September 2011 issue of sister newsletter STRAT. Read more about his experience with the platform here.

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