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Editorial Salaries in 2011

Posted on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 6:23 PM

In the news: How editors have fared financially in 2011.

The news is a little better for editors this year than it's been in recent years. Editors in several sectors and geographic regions saw pay raises this year. Top editors in three of the four major geographic areas saw salary increases. Average salaries were directly proportional to the number of hours in the workweek (e.g., editors working 40 hours per week earned an average of $69,000 per year, while editors working 41-49 hours earned $83,900).

Still, while the news was largely good for top editors, others felt overworked and underpaid. Despite overall salary increases across the country, editors in the west saw salary decreases. And editors are still juggling the demands of their print editions and their new digital and social media responsibilities, which have added considerably to their workload.

Read more about the survey results here.

Also notable

Guest Editor Stint Gone Wrong

Ashton Kutcher has come under fire for his recent guest editor stint at Details magazine. In his issue, Kutcher promotes various companies. The problem? He doesn't disclose anywhere in the issue that he owns stake in several of them. Although the actor won't face charges from the FTC for this legal and ethical breach, debates about the severity of his offense continue. To read more about the Details incident, click here.

Multimedia Management

What are you doing to keep your multimedia content fresh and relevant? In a recent EditorandPublisher.com article, Upstream Digital Media managing director Keith Jordan discusses some tips for managing multimedia content. He advises implementing an asset management system to manage website images. These asset management systems work alongside content management systems to help editors to use and manage licensed images effectively. Also important, Jordan says, is having software in place to integrate video into your Web content. Read more here.

Putting QR Codes to Use

You've likely heard plenty of buzz about QR codes. This month, PubExec magazine is using them for the first time. The latest issue features lines from an interview that run along the bottom of the magazine page. At the "end," the magazine has printed a QR code for smartphone users to access the entire interview. This code is mutually beneficial: It allows the reader to access bonus content, and it allows PubExec to see how many readers are accessing the content via smartphones. The magazine has opened up the floor to reader feedback and debate regarding the usability and effectiveness of QR codes. Read more here.

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