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A New Opportunity for Editors?

Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 10:50 PM

In the news: Content services and editorial expertise.

Whether you work as an editor of magazines, newspapers, or books, odds are that you have worried about job security in the last three years or so. You have likely asked yourself how you might parlay your editorial acumen into a new career if presented with a pink slip, and worried that if your industry went belly-up, there would be a flood of displaced editors to a marketplace devoid of job opportunities.

But there are opportunities for editors beyond the traditional media outlets. Because publishers are shifting their focus from editorial products to editorial content (with many publishers dropping the magazine/newspaper/book label and dubbing themselves "content producers"), this means that editors are picking up skills that might be useful in content specialist positions. According to Jonah Bloom, former editor of Ad Age and current executive director of content strategy at the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners agency, the shift from traditional editing positions to content-oriented ones can be a natural one. Last week, Folio: interviewed Bloom, and he offered his thoughts on the new opportunities for editors in the content service arena. Read more.

Also Notable:

Forbes and Techonomy Partnership

Techonomy Media and Forbes have teamed up in a strategic partnership. According to Folio:, Techonomy (founded by former Fortune editor David Kirkpatrick) began with the intention of offering "original reporting, opinion, aggregated content and contributed long form journalism, as well as a combination of publishing, teaching, consulting and partnerships." Read more about the partnership here.

Goodbye, Newsweek.com

Last year, Newsweek went under and was purchased for $1 by the late Sidney Harman. The magazine later merged with the Daily Beast website. Now users will be able to access Newsweek content on its own Daily Beast website channel, and the Newsweek.com URL will disappear. Read more.

Martha Stewart Living on the iPad

According to Gael Towey, creative and editorial director of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, "You have to invest in the future if you want to be in the future." To that end, his magazine has expanded its staff to facilitate smoother tablet publication. Print editors and designers also work on the tablet addition, but the company has added four staffers for video production, art direction, production, and editing. Read more.

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