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The Paywalled Times

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 10:16 AM

How has the New York Times fared since putting up its controversial pay wall?

Is the perceived value of editorial content finally on the rise? The New York Times hopes so. Last month, its hotly anticipated and debated paywall went live. Now, frequent visitors must subscribe if they want to read more than twenty articles per month. Since the paywall went up, the Times has reported over 100,000 new digital subscriptions. Print subscriptions are also reportedly up.

It's too early to tell just how successful the paywall will be, but a six-digit leap in digital subscriptions is certainly encouraging. All eyes will be on the Times over the next several months as it answers the question: Are today's digital readers, weaned for years on free content, willing to pony up for editorial content? Read more.

Also notable:

AdWeek Redesign

AdWeek has undergone a massive print and digital redesign and editorial repositioning. For once, the story of the day is not a massive staff cut, but instead the addition of twenty new staffers. Editorial director Michael Wolff hopes to improve upon the already successful publication and incorporate more breaking news into its editorial content. Read more.

Photo Misuse

Vegan magazine VegNews has come under fire for editing meat products out of stock food photographs. Other magazines have ended up in the hot seat for airbrushing or digitally liposucting cover models, and now VegNews faces similar scrutiny for its digital alteration of images. The magazine issued a statement, citing difficult financial times as its reason for resorting to non-vegan stock photography. Read more.

Editorial Staff Recruitment--on Twitter?

Twitter may sometimes be a hotbed of narcissistic rambling (i.e., status updates about bathroom trips and dinner menus), but it can sometimes be a cyber-land of opportunity. ESPN magazine's relocation to the company's Connecticut headquarters has created quite a few job openings, and magazine professionals have not been shy about Tweeting newly crowned editor-in-chief Chad Millman about job opportunities. Millman appears to be receptive to this twenty-first-century recruiting approach. Read more.

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