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How Do You Spell That?

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 1:59 PM

Ten words you may be spelling incorrectly.

Because the English language is so highly irregular, even the most astute grammarian can misspell the occasional word. Lucky for us editors, YourDictionary.com has compiled a list of the 250 most commonly misspelled words, as well as a guide to the 100 most mispronounced words. We have drawn from their list to present to you ten words you may not know you have been misspelling.

1. Bellwether (not "bellweather")
2. Affidavit (not "affidavid")
3. Tenterhooks (not "tenderhooks")
4. Flotation (not "floatation")
5. Plenitude (not "plentitude")
6. Memento (not "momento")
7. Diphtheria (not "diptheria")
8. Liquefy (not "liquify")
9. Sacrilegious (not "sacreligious")
10. Cantaloupe (not "cantelope")

The website offers some catchy mnemonic devices and witty words of wisdom to help you remember the correct spellings. We have included some of the more obscure entries; however, the website also contains dozens of common words that may elude even the most astute red pen. The site also has a list of the 100 most mispronounced words in the English language.

As experencied as we are, it never hurts to brush up on these basics. Even the most attentive editor is likely to have forgotten a word or two on this list.

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