Starting a New Publication

We'll listen to your ideas for a new publication, give you a candid and confidential analysis, and help you measure your chances for success. We can provide the needed professional services to help transform your start-up idea into a successful publication.

There are three predominant factors that can lead to the failure of a start-up:

(1) Lack of determination. Many people come up against either complications they did not anticipate, or arrive at a point where they don't know what to do next. As a result, their embryonic idea simply fades away.

(2) Lack of experience. Most start-up entrepreneurs have a good idea for creating the content of a new publication; far fewer, however, have the requisite business experience. Beginner's mistakes eat into start-up capital, thus jeopardizing success in the critical, formative stages of operation.

(3) Lack of a market. This is a key source of failure. A lot of people try to start publications for which they believe there "ought" to be a publication market and set out to meet this hypothetical, often nonexistent demand.

William Dunkerley Publication Consultants can help your start-up avoid these and other pitfalls. We'll provide encouragement for good ideas and frank assessment of problematic start-up plans. Through work with many start-ups, we've developed a detailed understanding of the fundamental requirements for any successful start-up. We also are experienced in making an early determination of the true market potential of a new publication.