How We Help

We use three key concepts in helping clients who come to us. They are,

1. Client centricity

2. A systems approach

3. Process consulting

By client centricity, we mean that our focus is on you. We don't try to fit you into a box and use a canned program to meet your needs. To us, every client presents a unique situation that requires a tailor-made response. We'll use the full breadth of our collective experience to understand the needs that bring you to us, and to fashion a way of helping you that is right on target for you.

In analyzing the situation that you present, we use what we call a systems approach. Often, our first step in dealing with a client need is to conduct an assessment based on this methodology. We recognize that every publishing organization is complex and multifaceted. From having analyzed many publishing organizations, we have found that at the root of all successful operations there is a unified and synergistic business strategy in motion. Our experience has shown us that regardless of what problem or need a client presents, the route to dealing with it will invariably involve fixing or adjusting that underlying function. A key expertise that we bring to every consulting relationship is our ability to recognize those systemic issues and to craft unique ways of dealing with them.

Process consulting is the methodology we use in helping you to implement the solutions that we finally agree upon together. We've found that handing clients a roadmap and pushing them off on their way is fraught with problems and rarely works well. Instead, we work like a guide or a coach, to help you every step along the way. We'll keep you focused on achieving your goals, we'll assist in analyzing unanticipated events, and we'll help in readjusting the plan in response to emergent circumstances.

The blog section of this site contains an assortment of case examples that serve to illustrate how we've used these concepts in assisting others.