When I was stuck working for an absentee owner of a money loosing print quarterly I sought help from WDPC. As a cost-conscious publisher my inclination was toward reducing expenses. I wanted advice for making cuts. WDPC analyzed my business and concluded I was targeting the wrong problem. They saw a better future in increasing revenue. We worked on getting the ad sales department up to snuff and doing more professional subscription promotion. As our ad page count grew WDPC advised us to go bi-monthly. With their help our ad sales kept increasing and we then went monthly. Next WDPC advised us to create new publications. With their help we added two new magazines and two newsletters. Along the way WDPC met with the absentee owner and convinced him to allow me to earn equity in the business. Eventually I was allowed to gain a controlling interest. With encouragement from WDPC we added an annual directory and digital editions to our mix -- and even ventured into the exhibition business. All of our activities are very profitable. Now after seven years we're far and above the leader in our field. That's some journey from a near bankrupt quarterly. WDPC credits my innate leadership ability for that turnaround. But I know I couldn't have done it without their help.