All my career I've worked in a hands on technical area. There's been a combination of desk work and also getting out in the field. I've gained great skills that have actually brought me positive recognition nationwide. For a long time I've harbored thoughts of starting a magazine to share my knowledge and also contributions of other leaders in our field. But I had no idea where to start. I contacted WDPC and got a real warm welcome for my concept. So we started looking into it together. As a first step they helped me hire an editor. She could help me to flesh out my ideas for the content and put things on a professional basis. At that point WDPC was ready to prepare a whole business plan for me. It showed how much money I'd need to start and how long it would take for profits to come in. I was fortunate to latch onto the needed cash quickly from industry contacts. The prospectus WDPC prepared for me did the trick. The next step was to hire the ad sales and marketing people. WDPC had set the structure for those jobs. It took a little longer to find good people than I expected. But once they were onboard we were loaded for bear. WDPC pitched in every step of the way to train and orient staff. The launch was really exciting, but I honestly was nervious. We had some challenges in getting enough advertising. But WDPC had some innovative solutions. Ten months after launch we made break even and were on our way. It's been quite an adventure, but I'm really charged to be achieving my dream after all.