My program to promote growth and development became problematic for me. I was a regional publisher of two newspapers and one magazine. The problem I had was that growth plateaued and nothing I tried had any significant impact. I wondered if a weakness in the marketplace was to blame. My major investor steered me to WDPC to find a solution. After studying our financials and publication specimens in advance their team arrived to tackle the problem. They said they saw no market deficit. Instead they asserted the key to growth was to restructure our organization to go after more business effectively. I have to admit that I had a large share of people reporting directly to me. Under WDPC's concept we would create several divisions with division managers being my primary direct reports. The divisions would actually be product groups. Instead of me being the immediate publisher of all publications, each would have its own publisher. Each publisher would have its own editorial, ad sales, and design departments. I decided to give this a try. Some employees were nervous about such a sweeping change. But WDPC's expertise in organization development successfully soothed their fears by involving them in the process of change. WDPC also embarked upon a one year program of coaching and problem solving with us. Positive results came from this sooner than I could have expected. Not only did the plateau disappear, but over time we were able to take on many new projects. Some of the product groups were put under the umbrella of a couple of super groups whose managers reported to me. We now have eight print publications and ten online publications. That's something I never could have accomplished with my original organizational structure. We're now the biggest and most successful publisher in the entire region.