Mr. Easy is what some staff members call me. I'm people oriented and take a lot of interest in how my staff is feeling. My marketing manager however has been a constant problem. Basically he's a slacker. I've given him clear guidelines for picking up his game. But it's been to no avail. One day when I caught him hiding unfinished work I just blew my cork and fired him on the spot. Maybe I should have thought it through more because I was left with no marketing manager and no good prospects for a quick replacement. I asked WDPC what they could do to help. They offered to play the role of interim marketing manager themselves and help me find a permanent replacement. After some initial onsite work they were able to smoothly run the show remotely. They were effective in uplifting the marketing department's sagging morale and established realistic procedures for moving forward. They brought in appropriate technology that was a big help. Our marketing results really perked up. At the same time WDPC began to structure the job of marketing manager. They developed a comprehensive job description and performance standards. After that we were ready to begin a search and interview candidates. WDPC came to our offices to help interview the finalists. We picked an accomplished professional. Now I'm happy, my marketing staff is happy, and we're producing happy results.