As a new advertising manager I was handed a big problem. The performance of our sales team was pitiful. When I went looking for help I found WDPC. They did a really detailed analysis and gave us a bad report card. Not only were our sales presentations sub par, but we had no good strategies, not enough cold calling, lead generation was way behind, sales people had no supportive coaching, and our media kit stank. WDPC just put their heads down and plowed into this. They fixed our media kit with new research data, set up a clear routine for prospecting, established enforceable guidelines for cold calling, and devised a sales progress tracking system. Perhaps the best thing is the work they did to reorient our sales presentations. WDPC has their own process that makes a world of difference. It took a while for our sales team to buy into it. But the regular coaching WDPC did help them along. And finally WDPC gave me powerful tips on how to manage my department. We saw immediate progress but after 10 months the difference was night and day. We started from far behind. But in the end we actually tripled our sales.