Research Services

We offer a variety of research services that are specifically attuned to the needs of publishers. They'll open your eyes -- not only to your possibilities for progress and greater success, but also to potential dangers ahead.

We design surveys aimed at:

(1) helping you to know your readers better,

(2) uncovering the key for acquiring more readers, and

(3) providing the kind of market data that will lead to increased ad sales.

We use an intensely investigative approach to research. Through a needs analysis, we'll learn enough about your publication to suggest what kind of research will benefit you the most. We'll help you to translate your survey's findings into action with considered recommendations based on the statistics. On the advertising side, we will show you and your staff how to use your survey data as the basis of persuasive promotional pieces for your media kit.

Our services for your research program can be as simple as a brief telephone consultation to analyze your needs and suggest a course of action, to creating for you a complete research program. If you already have developed specifications for a research program, we will offer a free quote for performing the services you require. On the other hand, if you are still exploring what would be the right research approach for you, we can assist you on a retainer basis. We can listen to your ideas and give you candid and confidential feedback and advice.